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The Inevitable Merge

Well, I have always known it was going to happen.

Jenni and I have been keeping separate blogs since way back in December 2010.  Both of us were new to the process and we didn’t want to steal the other ones thunder.  What would up happening was that we were basically blogging along the same lines, about similar things and then talking about it with each other face to face (after all we do live in the same house).

We are merging!  It just makes more sense.  SO……..if you like what you have been reading, please follow me over to our shared blog.  Who knows, you may ditch reading my posts in favor of the more well written, less spelling error containing posts by Jenni.

CLICK HERE: The Redman Files

A full explanation of the merge is on the new site!

In the coming days, no new posts will be coming from this address – they will all be on The Redman Files!

Best Explanation Yet

Jenni has been keeping her own blog ( I believe I mentioned earlier) called The Redman Files.

She posted the BEST answers to the ten most asked questions.

Rather than trying to reproduce her post, I will just link to it!

Top Ten Questions

Dhaka, Bangladesh