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Last full week

Today is the beginning of the last full week in Minneapolis.  This is what is known as “Go Time” – or any other cliche you can think of.   The week where we need to get everything (or pretty near everything) done, because after that we won;t have time to diddle around.  Next week Thursday, we will be on a plane to D.C., then to Qatar, then to Bangladesh.  Almost 24 hours in travel time.

We have made a lot of progress around the Redman household since my last post.  We have made several trips to the storage unit,  sold both of our cars (one of which we are keeping until the 26th),  rented our house,  donated carloads full of stuff,  and thrown away just as much.  Oh yeah, and somewhere in there we had an Anniversary, a couple of quiet evenings alone, saw the final Harry Potter movie (so that there are no loose ends for Jenni) and shopped for everything we will need for our two years stay overseas (well almost everything).

Emotionally I have been going back and forth.  This past weekend while going through some old files and boxes, I ran across some stuff from my past.  Stuff that had been hanging around my neck and weighing me down – in a subconscious sort of way.  Some stuff from H.S., some stuff from college, some stuff from old jobs, and some theater related stuff.  I took my time in revisiting it, made peace with it and threw it directly in the recycling.  That stuff has no place in my life anymore.  It served its purpose and it has gone on to its new destiny as 70% post consumer recycled paper products.

It is amazing the things we hang on to in our lives and the reasons we hang on to them.  We are being forced to make decisions about all of our “stuff” because it can’t come with us and we aren’t storing it,  but if we weren’t going overseas I am not sure we would have ever opened them up.  Some friends of ours, inspired by our “sweeping the house clean” have decided to pretend that they are moving overseas and apply the same rigorous criteria.  I wish them well,  it is a very freeing process – but it won’t be quite the same for them.

It’s hard to explain the constant feeling of butterflies in my stomach.  The nearest I can think of is Skydiving on my 30th Birthday, or the first time I rode a Roller Coaster that went upside down.  You just have to say to yourself “This is happening, I just have to go along for the ride”.  Some mornings it is hard to eat though.

In less than two weeks the posts will start reflecting more of what it means to be an “overseas teacher”.



Today is the 11 year Anniversary of the day I married my beautiful wife.

Last night we  both sat in our home office drained from the past week.  We were sorting through some random stuff that we either need to get rid of or store when we both came to the realization that neither one of us has had the time or the energy to do anything special to commemorate the day.

My in-laws, wanting to help out as we get ready to move,  will be taking the kids to the cabin for the weekend.   We will have a chance to go out to dinner and celebrate this weekend.

I am very happy that Jenni is my wife.    If it wasn’t for her we may not be making this big move as a family.  I have the utmost faith and trust in her as my wife, friend and the mother of my children.  It will make this experience that much more fulfilling to do it together.

Live Blogging!

—-8:46 am—***

Mohawk Moving and Storage is in the middle of packing up our Sea Shipment.  Two guys in uniforms, one big truck.

If you have never had anyone come and pack your house, it is kind of a surreal experience.  First they bring in some long rubber “carpet” runners so they don’t ruin your floor.  Then they go with you from room to room as you point out the stuff you have set aside for packing.  Then they bring in their huge stacks of papers, boxes, tapes, and cushioning pads.  Then they set up a work station in one of the rooms you want packed and they go to work.  They work quickly and you start to wonder “Are they being as delicate with my things as I would be?” and then you realize “Why do I care, at least I don’t have to pack all this crap up.”  The you drink your coffee and point at things as they pack.

—10:02 am—

The mover in the kitchen is done.  And he has packed up our bedroom as well – all except for the mattress.   He has now moved on to the upstairs.  Jenni and I are taking it easy and have decided to multitask as we go through the office”supplies” and purge.

Did you know that you don’t have to keep every half chewed pencil, every colorful paperclip, every old empty file folder, and unused Christmas cards from the last 11 years?  You can throw that crap away!!! Who knew?

—11:05 am —

The rooms are looking empty.  The upstairs – the kids rooms – have had boxes moved out and all that is left is the mattresses.  The kitchen is packed up.  The basement is almost empty of boxes.  They kept some of the things we had in Rubbermaid totes  and then wrapped the plastic totes in paper – I find that funny and ironic.

The one phenomenon I am having difficulty overcoming is the NEED TO HELP.  I see them carrying boxes and I want to say “Here let me give you a hand with that.”, or, ” I got this one, you go ahead and get that box in the basement.”  It is really hard to just stand there and watch them work.  Intellectually, I understand that this is why they are being paid and that it is their job, but emotionally I am having a hard time not assisting. I guess I am not used to living the “easy life” and having people do the work for you – or – maybe if we all just pitched in and helped each other out a bit things would get done quicker and we all wouldn’t have to work so hard.

—11:37 am—

And with that, our sea shipment is on its way.  They were quick and efficient – one of them wanted to buy some of our furniture (but only the good stuff – he didn’t want our hand me down end tables).

We were unsure whether you tip them or not – so we did.  Couldn’t hurt.  We told them about the Pizza joint around the corner and hopefully they will put the money back into the community by eating there.

—11:40 am—

Next step: Get the rest of our life in order.

***OK, maybe it is not live blogging, but I have never blogged about something as it was happening and the people involved were standing right next to me.