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Rabies and Hepatitus and Typhoid, Oh my!

In order to be permitted to work, visit and live in Bangladesh I need to get the 3rd world country series of vaccines.  I went yesterday to my MD and started the process.  It is a little frightening – to get all those shots – but I was reminded of a scene from one of my favorite movies, The Tall Guy and it made it all better.

I also need a health assessment to insure that the school is not going to invest all this money to bring me over only to find out that I will need back surgery, have an incurable disease, or anything that might otherwise make it impossible for me to fulfill my teacherly duties. They took a lot of blood.  I mean a lot.  So much so that I was waiting for some volunteer to come by and offer me some Lorna Doones or OJ like when I donate blood at the Red Cross. Oh yeah, and I had to pee in a cup.  You don’t get Lorna Doones for that though.

The only vaccinations they couldn’t do at the visit yesterday was Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, and Typhoid.  Yes you read it right, RABIES.  I jokingly asked if I could just have our veterinarian do it and my MD laughed……but didn’t answer.  So, I wonder…..? I will have to go to the “Travelers Clinic” in uptown to get those vaccinations.

I am kind of excited about the Rabies vaccination.  I can’t really explain it.  OK, ok, for a BRIEF period of time I thought I might get a shiny tag to wear indicating that I have been vaccinated, but that would have been ridiculous (would it?).   It’s not that I have been living my life in constant fear of contracting rabies.  Maybe I am excited because all growing up I was never allowed to approach unknown animals;  domesticated, wild or otherwise.  If we saw a random dog my Grandma or Mom would say “Don’t go near it, it may have rabies.”  Playing in the backyard when a squirrel wanders too close – “Get AWAY, it may have rabies”.  Now, I saw (and read) To Kill a Mockinbird and I was always struck by the way that Atticus put down that Rabid Dog, because he HAD to.  No one was shouting at him to “GET AWAY it has RABIES”, well he did have a gun, but that is beside the point.

After I get MY Rabies vaccination I will be able to approach any animal.  “It’s OK Mom, I have been vaccinated”.  And if a rabid dog wanders into town, screw the gun, I will put it down with my BARE HANDS, because I will have to.  If you have a Rabies Vaccination you don’t need a gun.


****Please, this post is mostly satire.  No child should ever approach an unknown animal; domesticated, wild or otherwise.  It may have Rabies***




Spring break.  Gettin stuff done.

Painting, patching, fixing, organizing, purging (stuff,  not my stomach contents).

Since Thursday night we have been working non-stop.  So, for 6 days (almost) I have been completing projects to make this house presentable for an eager buyer. People keep saying “After all that work you’re not going to want to move!”  Uh…..yes I will.

Spring Break

This week is my Spring Break.  I can NOT tell you how much I have been looking forward to this break.  Ever since we made the decision to go I have not had a chance to stop and reflect on the whole experience.  Sure we have talked about it at home and have been excited for the experience, but everything has been moving so fast I haven’t had time to actually sit down and think.  Between a difficult couple of classes this quarter, Guys and Dolls, and this FLIPPIN weather I feel like I have been playing catch-up.

Not this week my friend!  This week is Spring Break week!!  Woohoo!! When I road trip down to Daytona Beach, walk around topless, ingest gallons of beer and hook up with random and sometimes sketchy women.

Yeah right – even when I was young enough to pull of a topless strut up and down the beach, I never did that.  Aw, who am I kidding, I never could have pulled off an upper half Birthday Suit let alone a strut.

However, on this Spring Break, I will be spending a few days with my parents – doing some work on the house to get it ready to sell.  I may sleep in a bit and if I am lucky I may pull a beer or two from the fridge.  If I pull out all the stops, I may even arrange for an hour massage.  Ooooh la, la. (In that case I will be FULL b-day suit…..even if it is only under a sheet).

So – SPRING BREAK beware.  Here I come in all my raging testosterone for home repairs and an illegal amount of “occasional beers” for someone nearing 40.  Spring Break – don’t turn away coyly if our eyes meet, if you are lucky I may leave my shirt on.