OK, what’s the catch?

In a span of 48 hours, we sold both of our cars and rented our house.

Two of the big things that we needed to take care of before we left were just resolved with a few clicks of the mouse.  Not more than a few hours after the cars went on Carsoup.com, I had several calls.  One buyer bought them both.  Paid cash for the Toyota and put a down payment on the Saturn.  He has agreed to let us use it until the 26th when he will then come and make the final payment and take the car.

One curious question from a former co-worker about the possibility of us renting our house led to a connection with a friend of his and then after one 90 minute meeting with said friend we had rented our house.  They seem like a fantastic couple and they both – get this – taught overseas for a few years in Colombia.

The symbolic Albatross is out from around our neck.

So, I ask you……what’s the catch?  That seemed too easy.  The Universe is supposed to “even Steven” this whole thing out, so what needs to be balanced?

Who knows, maybe it’s just as it all should be.

(Or maybe this crazy storm happening as I type is going to make a tree fall on our house and then cause the house to crush the car.)


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