Today I am ordering make-up for my new school.  I half-heatedly offered to do so, since it is the summer and I have the time to drive all the way to Norcostco, while my future co-workers are in the process of moving countries/apartments/schools!  Lo and behold, I was taken up on the offer, because make-up in Bangladesh is very expensive and a hassle to get.

There are two problems with my make-up buying idea: 1) I have no idea what quantities, colors, styles they have been using and what they use some of the items for! 2) I do not know how much I am able to spend (cause I could spend a lot).

I am going for it anyway and if it turns out I misjudged, we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.  For example: How much Crepe hair in black and grey does a program need for one year? Is one yard enough? Is 8 oz. of Clown White make-up sufficient – or will we have to skimp on the mimes?  Is the High School doing Rocky Horror? or Cats? Or the Diary of Anne Frank? I know at the Middle School we are doing Seussical. Cake make-up versus creme?

I will have to pack it all in the shipment, because I am pretty sure that the TSA will confiscate my Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum remover when I go through security.  I will try to explain, but unless I look like the woman (man?) in the above picture – I am not sure they will buy it.


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