Today we got to spend a little time with the newest addition to the extended family.  Jenni’s sister brought over her five month old baby, our niece.

She was adorable.  So cute and active and curious. It was awesome.

Then I realized that when they go back to Colorado, we won’t see her until next summer.  She will be one year and a few months.  Then the next time we’ll see her after that she will be over two years old.  It’s hard to say if the time frame between visits would be the same if we stayed here, I mean after all they do live in Colorado and plane fare isn’t cheap and a two day car trip can get tiring (especially through Nebraska).  I am glad that we got a chance to see them – and they will be here for almost 3 more weeks.

All I have to say is that we need to get a better camera so that we can Skype more effectively and the family better get used to doing it on a regular basis.  Of course, our time schedules will be completely opposite, but whatcha gonna do?

Hear that family?  Get set up with Skype and start practicing.


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