Closing accounts

Since we are moving we need to close out some accounts.  Bank accounts, memberships, newspapers and magazines, etc., etc.

When we started the “closing out accounts” process we were patient and polite with the agents or representatives we were speaking with.  The first thing they would ask is “So, why are you closing the account?” Then they would try to “customer service” us into maintaining our account with incentives, scare tactics, or guilt.  When we said we were moving they would let us know that we could stay with them and do everything online.  It just drags out the process and forces us to make chit chat over and over and over again.

When we started the “closing out accounts” process we were patient and polite. Not any more.

Jenni and I have come to a sort of unspoken agreement that we are going to cut off any further customer servicing maneuvers before they begin.  Like I said above, their first question is most often “So, why are you closing out your account with us today?”  And our response of late is: “We are moving.  Across the world.  To Bangladesh.  We won’t be back for 2 years.”

They usually stop customer servicing us after that.  Jenni thinks it is because they don’t know what to say after that because they don’t know where Bangladesh is.  I think it is because when Jenni says that to them, she has this angry and annoyed tone and they are afraid of her.

Whatever the case, it sure saves us time.


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