2200 lbs

Today the moving company representative dropped by to estimate the size and weight of all the stuff we are shipping by sea to Bangladesh.  We went through every room in the house and had to decide right then and there if it was going with us. Luckily, Jenni (and I helped) had already done this and we had a color coded list for reference.  Still, it is a little odd to say it out loud to a stranger – it is like a public commitment.

It turns out that we can take between 2000 and 3000 lbs.  Now look around your house.  Figure out all the things you want to take.  Now how much does that weigh?  Quick, you have to know right now.  If you don’t know you will have to pay through the nose in overage fees.

It turns out we will have two “lift trucks” which are big plywood containers that are 4′ x 7′ x 8′, sealed on the inside and on a pallet so that they can be loaded on and off with a lift.  They will go to a dock and then be loaded onto a giant ship to be sent to Bangladesh and then unloaded.  We can fit everything that we think is important for us to take in the two containers.

Of course anything we will need right away when we get there we will take with us on the plane since it can take one to three months for the ship to arrive.

Have you figured out how much everything you will want to take will weigh?  Ours will weigh 2200 lbs.


2 responses to “2200 lbs

  1. I know you want me to edit your posts. But really, spelling my name wrong is kind of a passive aggressive way to get me to take on this job.

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