Shopping spree

  • 6 Towels“Fast dry”, muted colors, Apt. 9, Kohls, compliments the ones we got as a going away present
  • 4 Shower curtains – 1 kid style, and 3 “adult” style (and by “adult” style I do not mean that they are x-rated, just that they are not cute ducks or cartoon animals)
  • 4 Bath matsto match the colors in the shower curtains
  • 10 Rubber drain coversto keep Mosquitoes from laying eggs in our drains
  • 2 Bamboo cutting boardsjust cause we need new ones
  • Comfy mattress padwe opted for a new mattress pad instead of getting a new mattress
  • New set of pots and panswhen you have a personal cook, why not have the right tools?
  • Egg poacherthe kids loooooove poached eggs
  • Hand can opener because that whole power supply thing makes small appliances difficult and if I am cranking by hand, I am cranking with ease
  • iPod nano  16g, green, because we aren’t taking a stereo system and we should get in the 21st century
  • iPod docking speakerswell, we can’t all share the headphones

That does it for now.  We still have a lot of stuff to get, but this is a good start.


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