Watch for deer

So, yesterday we had decided that we were going to take the kids swimming at the club that my brother and his family belong to.  The kids had stayed the night with their cousins and we had planned to pick them up at 10:00 and head over to swimming.  We were planning on taking a picnic lunch.

We didn’t pick the kids up at 10:00.  My parents, Jenni and I were having a wonderful relaxing morning without the kids.  Drinking coffee, reading, sitting around and at 10:00 we said “Oops, we had better call and let them know we won’t be there at 10:00”.  The new plan was 1:00.

Since my parents moved here they have been telling us about how many deer that have they wander through their back yard.  Jenni and I have been teasing them, because since we got here we have seen one deer.

Until yesterday.

My brother hit a deer on our way to swimming.  Now, if we had left when we said we were going to leave Bambi would still be alive.


One response to “Watch for deer

  1. Bambie did a bang up job on the car;-0

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