Weren’t there any jobs here?

Recently I have had this question quite a bit. Me being a smart ass I want to respond, “Well, you see we had to flee to another country, because well…let’s just say that not every country has the same rules against corporal punishment as the US does”, but I don’t.   Mostly because many people don’t get my sense of humor.

So instead I truthfully say, “Kind of, but not entirely.  There are jobs here and Jenni and I could have stayed in our current positions, but we wanted to try something different. ”

It’s just kind of a funny question, because it assumes that the next natural step if you can’t find a teaching job in Minnesota is to MOVE YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY TO BANGLADESH.  Not try a different field, or move to a different city/state or even go back to school and try a new career.

Can’t find a job?  I hear they are hiring in Bangladesh.


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