We are spending this week in North Carolina.

The Raleigh/Durham area.  Specifically Chapel Hill.  My parents bought a house here and moved down after spending their entire lives (up until this point) in the midwest. They moved here because my brother’s family and my cousin’s all live here.  I have been to this area a couple of times. Specifically a couple of years ago for a big family vacation in the Outer Banks.

It is weird to be down here and call this my parent’s home.  Mostly because I never imagined that my family would be an east coast/southern family.  I have no familiarity with this area, the house, the roads, the history – even though it is family, I feel as if I am on vacation.

It is a good vacation.  My parents live in a somewhat rural area.  Very quiet, very dark at night.  Star gazing dark at night – a tad bit different than the city stars.  wildlife is around – deer, tons of birds, lizards and the best of all LIGHTNING BUGS.  Now, we have lightning bugs in the midwest, but not in the city and I have not seen this many fireflies since I was much younger.

This morning I slept in, had a cup of coffee, read the paper, took a nap later, enjoyed the peace and quiet of the back bedroom, had some conversation and let my blood pressure return to normal.

It is fantastic.  Jenni and I both agree that not only did we need this “vacation”, but we REALLY needed this vacation.  We needed to get away from the house and the stress of selling.  We needed to distance ourselves from our old jobs. We needed to turn off the stress, the crazy planning and running around.  We needed a chance to regenerate so that we can enjoy our upcoming adventure – so that the stress and chaos doesn’t spoil our experience.

We also needed it, because we know the moment we get back we are going to have to go like mad to get ready to move our entire lives half way around the world.



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