Stock answers and repititon.

I have probably said the word “Bangladesh” more in the last 6 months than I have my entire life.  Well, that probably isn’t that hard since during the first 38 years of my life I may have uttered “Bangladesh” 4 times.

I love to say Bangladesh and I pronounce it the Bengali way (bahng-la-desh as opposed to bang-la-desh) and I drag out the “sh” sound at the end. To get the kids to remember where we are moving, very early on I made up a song using the word Bangladeh and Jenni added a percussive chorus sound using the capital city Dhaka.  We sing it all the time.

We have gotten so good at stock answers that we have a kind of “elevator speech prepared” that addresses the following questions that either come up right away or will come up within a short period of time.  I have gotten so good at predicting when the inevitable questions will arise that I should place bets with Jenni.

No, we are not going to do mission work.” and if you knew us – you would laugh at that question as well.

“Yes, the kids are coming with us” this has got to be the funniest and ill thought out question.  Some people ask absentmindedly, but there are those who ask this question in all earnestness.  These same folks usually precede that question with asking if my wife is coming with.

“No, we don’t speak the language and the school instruction is all in English.” I may work at learning the language, at least enough to get by.

“I don’t really know if there will be an uprising that overthrows the government” Who knows that?  What happens if there is one here in the US?

“Why Bangladesh?” I don’t really know the answer other than it seems as if the positions chose us.  But “Why not?”

When it comes down to it – I kind of like the questions.  It forces me (us) to actually consider and justify, no “justify” is not the right word, to explain why we have chose this path in our life.


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