The wind down….

Kind of surreal at the moment.

7 days left of the school year.  7 days left until I am no longer a teacher in the Robbinsdale School district.  7 days until I can wrap up my curriculum, pack up my room, turn in my keys, and hand over my materials to someone else.  From that moment on my entire focus will be on getting the family packed, organized, and moved across the world.

I have been waiting for this day, but at the same time I have been dreading it.  Not that I think we made a mistake in deciding to move and teach in Bangladesh, but rather….well….it is easy to keep doing the same thing day after day and year after year.  To know what to expect over the summer and what will happen next year.    I have been looking forward to this day, because it is a great unwritten adventure waiting to happen, but now that it is upon me I may be getting a case of the cold feet.  Oh, we will go through with it, but every once in a while, when I stop to actually THINK about what is happening, my feet start to shiver.

Kind of surreal at the moment.

Today I started packing up some of the things in my room.  A few of my students that I have had for years started to notice.  “What are you doing?” they asked, “Why are you doing that now?”, “We’re not ready for you to go!” And in some ways neither am I.  In many ways I am – it is hard to live your life with your feet in two different worlds.

Over the next several days I will begin bringing boxes home and adding them to the chaos that is our packing right now.  The room will slowly become bare and the materials that I am leaving for next year will be packed in a box for…….who knows.  I still haven’t been able to figure that one out (no idea what they are doing next year).

This past weekend, Jenni and I had 4 days off (Jenni had 5!!!).  It was extremely hard to muster the motivation to go back into RMS and finish off the year.  Yet, I did it (not to be snarky, but this is a skill that some of my students could learn).

If you are a fellow teacher at RMS – I apologize in advance for my distracted demeanor.  My inability to hold a lengthy conversation and the appearance that I do not care what happens at the school next year.  It is not you, it’s me.


One response to “The wind down….

  1. Valerie Borey

    Oh Jeff! I am so envious of you. It’s an enormous step and I’m sure it is not easy to walk away from what you have into the unknown. What an experience! I do hope you update this blog from Bangladesh.

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