Written off…..

Ever get the feeling that you just aren’t even there?

I have been having that feeling a lot lately.  For the past four years I have been working to build the theater program at the school.  For the past two years I have worked like mad to get things done in the old and aging auditorium.  I have been the go to guy for theater related things.

After I announced I was leaving, strange things have been happening.  I have become like the title character in the movie “The Man Who Wasn’t There”.  It’s like I have already left.  My principal and assistant principal have stopped informing me of what is happening with the theater position, my former arts teammates have started in on my Technical Director to get things done and to plan for next year, while the students are just concerned with who is going to replace me.

I’m not crying about it or anything, it is just an interesting phenomenon.  It also makes it a little bit harder to get things done through the end of the year – since communication isn’t coming my way.  I guess that since everyone knows that I am leaving – there isn’t really a point in investing time and energy into the collegial relationship or friendship.

But, can I really blame them? After all I am the one who decided to leave this all behind.


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