No Thanksgiving for me….

I just found out that I will miss Thanksgiving this year. The International Schools Theater Association (ISTA) has a big conference every year and AIS/D  attends.  Since I will be taking over the Middle School Theater program, I am in charge of arranging and chaperoning.

But don’t be sad, because while I will miss my family on Thanksgiving, I will be in New Delhi meeting with theater educators and theater artists from around the world.  I will get to take a group of 20 kids, the best and the brightest, who will audition to go, for a fantastic experience.

So, I may miss Turkey, I may miss getting stuffed, and I may miss lounging on the couch watching football, but I will be giving thanks for my new teaching post and the perks that go with it.


One response to “No Thanksgiving for me….

  1. Living abroad and finding yourself working on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or even Labor Day is really odd… Then again, I got to make a lesson out of Halloween, which was watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and giving the kids the assignment of saying “Trick or Treat” to me so they could get candy. So that was kind of fun. But that’s not what kind of teaching you’ll be doing…

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