Dreaming of Bangladesh

Recently my dreams have been consumed with the move Bangladesh.

It’s hard to explain because I haven’t even been there, but every dream I can remember is in some way connected.  Either it is a dream about being in the classroom, a dream about the flight, or a dream about meeting all the new staff and socializing.

Not a single dream is about a nightmare, which I assume is a good thing, but they are all a little bit surreal.  I think because  I HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN THERE. Maybe they are a result of the massive amounts of research that we have been doing, or it is the processing of everything involved in the planning process, or maybe it is a subconscious projection of my eagerness to get on with the show.

Come to think of it, most days my thoughts are focused on the move.  Interactions I have at school, the last time I will do specific lessons with kids, and the mental saying “good bye” to our house.

So maybe,  the dreaming of Bangladesh is a logical step?


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