Baby steps then one giant leap.

Tomorrow we are going to meet with our Realtor and put our house on the market.  We’ll have a Realtor open house on Tuesday and then we are open for business.


That is a huge step.  Not that I am all broken up about selling the house.  It was a great house when we bought and moved in, but lately it has become an albatross around our neck. We don’t want to live here forever and the bad taste that is left in my mouth from the neighborhood shenanigans……moving will be a welcome change.

It is still YIKES inducing though.  That is a huge step.  There will be nothing anchoring us specifically to this area – the only life we have known as a family.  Sure, Jenni and I have lived together in two other locations, but the kids?  This is all they have ever known.  This is all we have ever known WITH them.

They are a little anxious about the move.  I can tell.  Danny, every once in a while mentions how he wishes we didn’t have to move.  I think he is starting to figure out the same thing that I am figuring out.  We will be starting over.  Even when we return to the US we will be starting over.

When the house is listed online, I will post a link……just in case you want to buy it.


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