Get to the teaching part

A couple of people have mentioned that my blog is titled “overseasteacher”, but I haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking about teaching.  They made sure to know that they liked reading what I had there, and it was interesting, but that maybe it shouldn’t lead people to believe that the content would be about being a teacher overseas since, technically, I am not really overseas.

Now, I like these people and they aren’t being mean or spiteful or even snarky,  they have a valid point.  One I have even thought myself.  And while I understand my reasoning and the entire scope of the project, they may have a little difficulty seeing my long range plan.

The fact of the matter is that I am not overseas yet and I am not doing any teaching overseas yet.  All I can do is imagine what it will be like and start to make plans for what I will want to do when I get over there.  I have about 3 1/2 months before I get there – plenty enough time to prepare.  Once there I hope that the blog will start to take a different path (at least that is my intention).  The posts will start to reflect the challenges, difficulties, successes, realizations and day to day activities of an American teaching in an American school in a world that is so completely different than my current one.  And believe me, Bangladesh is going to be a whole other world.

In the mean time, I hope that everyone can hang on and enjoy the ride.  I know I am.  There isn’t a day that goes by (an hour that goes by) that I do not have a thought about Bangladesh.


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