What to bring, what to bring.

This weekend is a huge packing/organizing/purging weekend.  (Check out my wife’s blog for a detailed run down of our activities)

So far I have gone through my “memory boxes” – which is a fancy and more sentimental way to say “plastic bins that I threw junk in over the years because I was too chicken to get rid of it or I thought it would hold some special meaning to me in years to come or I wanted to hang onto it because it reminded me of my carefree youth”.   In actuality it was mostly crap. Got three of them down to one and I still have one or two more to go.

I also cleaned out the “paint room” which is also a fancy way to say “crappy paint in rusted cans that the previous owners left us to deal with and the housing market is actually forcing us to get rid of so we can sell the house”.  I have 3 boxes of hazardous paints, chemicals, cleaners, and adhesives – I will  be taking them to the Brooklyn Center hazardous waste site.  Have no fear my environmental conscious friends and socially responsible peers.  As much as I just wanted to dump them – I will make the trip.

SO.  What DO I bring?  To Bangladesh.  There will be some curriculum there – but at this time I not quite sure what that will be.  I have bookshelves and bookshelves of scripts, training, lessons – BUT I do not want to drag them all there if I am not going to use them.  I can assume that I will not be using Mamet at the Middle school level – so there are 3 books that will be staying.  I can assume that we will not be doing Fool For Love either – another book.

Then the question is – do I really want to store them all for at least 2 years?  Many of them I have not touched since college, but it would be silly to get rid of it and then have to buy it again if I ever needed it.

Ah – this is how I accumulated all this stuff to begin with.  Later I will be providing a list of things that I WILL be bringing.  Stay tuned.


One response to “What to bring, what to bring.

  1. I say pack boxes, shipping-ready, and numbered. Leave them with a responsible-type person. Have with you in Dhaka an inventory of what is in which box. THEN… when you need something someone can either ship you the box or find the item and ship it to you.

    Overly anal rententive? Mayyyybee…. Was I that organized? Hell no. AND, don’t underestimate the power of the Internet for getting what you need.

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