Gettin’ hooked up

Last night my progress towards teaching overseas made a huge leap.

I was sent an invitation to join the AIS/D Wikipage, a login ID and instructions for the Atlas Rubicon Curriculum Management System, and my new school email info.

If you are not in education, the above may not mean much to you, but it is huge in feeling like part of the school and that landing a job at an International School wasn’t just a dream. Aw heck, if you have ever started a new job – you probably get the significance of the aforementioned.

Atlas Rubicon (a system that I have never used) appears to be an online database of the Scope and Sequence, lesson plans, essential understandings, notes on the success or failure of a lesson and ideas for future improvement.  There is also a discussion page where other teachers at the school can give feedback on your notes, lesson, etc.  This is Fantastic – I have 4 months to get a head start on what the school has done int he past and what I am expected to teach when I get there.

It is becoming harder and harder to go into my current school and teach.



2 responses to “Gettin’ hooked up

  1. But most of all, how fricking cool is the name “Atlas Rubicon”???? Sounds straight out of something Superhero!

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