The Redman Files

A while ago, back when we had decided to go to the UNI overseas placement fair, I created this blog so that we could document our planning, preparations, and the fair itself – you know, the process. My intention was that Jenni and I could work together on the blog and turn it into an online journal so that family and friends could see our journey.  I would take care of the “teaching theatre” in an overseas setting aspect and she would handle the family life and acclimation to a new country.

Apparently my announcement in the Redman household went unnoticed.

Shortly after I had made a few posts, Jenni announced that she had started a new blog called “The Redman Files” – awesome title by the way. So – now we have two blogs running in this house.  Not that big of a deal, but just an FYI.  Maybe some day we will combine them into one.

If you are so inclined, check Jenni’s out here.

If we do combine it, the pink will have to go.


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