Today we applied for our passports. Makes it a little more real.

The hardest part of getting the passports? The damn pictures.

OK – so the Wife wanted to do them ourselves. I vetoed that idea, because I knew there were some very strict guidelines and I didn’t want to go through that trouble and then have the applications rejected. I honestly don’t know whey they even try to explain to you how to take your own pictures at home. She begrudgingly agreed to have them done at our local Walgreens.

See – Walgreens advertises that you can get “Fast. Convenient. Professional” passport photos. 2 photos for $8.99. The price is a little steep, but I didn’t want to hassle at home and at the county service center they cost $20 or something ridiculous like that. What do you get for the $8.99? Someone with a digital camera, as pull down movie screen (yes like the kind that your science teacher had in middle school), the kiosk that you can do the photos yourself anyway, and their handy quick printing on photo paper. AND you must have at least an hour to spare and be willing to come back the next morning for round 2.


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