What I will leave behind pt1

Today a student told me that “this is the worst class ever”.
Another told a friend that she was “so sick of him” (me).
And a third told me to “FUCK THIS!” as he slammed the door and walked out without permission.

Finally, there was a fight in the cafeteria, several students didn’t turn in their work, one student lied and whined enough that he was moved out of my class because he “doesn’t like acting” (we haven’t done any yet).  A parent called to “cuss me out” because I sat her daughter in the hallway for threatening to slap some “bitch” across the face.

A staff member bad mouthed the principal because he didn’t govern the same way that her old principal governed.  And another complained about all the blacks causing problems.

I will miss you all.  But most of all, I will miss the student who ran away from me and refused to speak, because she was trying to ditch class and I caught her because there are about 20 cameras in the hallways she was running in.

I will miss you RMS.  I will miss you dysfunctional educational system.  I will miss you citizenry that just doesn’t seem to get (or maybe they can’t even see) the damage we are causing our kids and our future.

I will miss you all.


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