Day 2

We get to sleep in a little bit more this morning.  No need to check in right at 7:00.  We know the way there.  We had two appointments in the morning – more like check-ins at 8:00, but met with one of them last night (Brazil). So, we just have one appointment at 8:00.  We have the follow up interview (2nd) with AIS/D at 9:00 and then some “Orientations” throughout the day.  The orientations are a chance for you to learn a little bit more about a particular country or school.  Ben at AIS/D said he really wants us to come to that orientation.  The orientations are definitely optional, but a chance to network and find out more about a particular country.

A little breakfast, a little getting ready and then we are on to day 2.

Keep an open mind, keep an open mind, keep an open mind.  Be flexible, be flexible, be flexible.


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