That first hour is crucial

Rule number one: Get there on time. (We were close enough….for the Redman’s)

Rule number two: Don’t waste time. (Check)

Rule number three: Have your homework done ahead of time. (Check)

If you get to the fair and you haven’t done your homework………..may god have mercy on your soul.

Jenni spearheaded most of our homework.  Mostly because she is a whiz at organizing things like that.  We have charts, we have graphs, we have tabbed and color coded sheets.  But most of all – we know where we want to focus our energy and we have a plan of attack.

That first hour at the fair is crucial.  That is when you get your updated vacancies list, a layout of the convention center, the codes for all the schools in attendance and a chance to make some sense of it all.  Find a quiet spot (like we did) sort through the stuff.  use your highlighter that you brought (we did not, dammit) and start making notes.  What vacancies are there?  Where will they be during the Round Robin? How do I get them a message.  And it is also a time to prepare for the WTF moment.  The moment when you get an awesome invitation talking about how much they want you and your family there and it is from a school that you had written off long ago and would never work there in a million years.  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bangladesh.

The only other invite was from the United Nations School in Vietnam, but…..I don’t have the dance in my background.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait go back in the bag, but we hold on to the Bangladesh one.  I am not sure why.  We keep that one aside.


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