Box Scores

At the end of the day, here is where we stand:


UNIS (United Nations International School – Hanoi) – the position is one that needs to have a dance background.  He asked me what experience I had and I explained the movement background and the choreography for the musicals.  Then he asked me to “sell my skills (i.e. dance)” to him.  Landed an interview.  When we got there it was a 20 minute interview.  Left not so confident – he said he would catch up with us in the morning after he checks in with the principal.

SAS (Shanghai American School) – this position needs to have a music background as well.  He explained that they may be able to change it up and that it is only tied to music, because that is what the previous person had.  Will catch up with us in the morning.  He will call his principal as well and see if it can be changed. We will touch base in the morning. 20 minute interview.

Graded School (Sao Paolo, Barzil) – the position was listed as tentative, because the current person in the position has not said whether he is going to be leaving or not.  He seemed very interested in us, but did not want us to wait around. Hour long interview – left feeling positive.

AIS/D (American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh) – Hour long interview.  This is the guy who called at home and caught me off guard.  I have to tell you – he makes a very convincing case for looking at this school more closely.  We have a 2nd follow up interview scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow morning.

SCIS (Shanghai Community International School) – asked us to check back with him in the morning.  Not sure it will work since the elementary position and the drama position are at different campuses.


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