Before the Dawn

Up at 5:25.  Or should I say – gave up on trying to sleep at 5:25 and got out of bed.  Made a single cup of coffee, turned on the laptop and started last minute checks.  Not sure why I checked Facebook, but I did.  Yup no one posted all night.

Jenni straggled out of bed and was first to shower while I started to get my stuff in order.

Man this is the most nerve wracking morning I have experienced in a long time.  In just a few hours we could possible sign up to live in another country for two years.  Where?  What?  And the biggest anxiety inducer – will anyone even want us?  Going throigh our materials one last time, we pick and choose the stuff that will make is with us in the bag for the day.


  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Binder with all school fact sheets
  • pens
  • notebook
  • Envelope with resume materials and thank you cards
  • broken pieces of a home-made bamboo wind chime (don’t know how that made the trip with us)

We have to be out the door by 6:30 to make it to the convention center, find parking and get checked in.  Man Jenni can take a long shower.

Showered, dressed (including tie and jacket) and walking out the door by 6:40.  Not bad.  Walking out the door just minutes before the sun pokes it’s smiling face above the horizon.

Wish us luck.


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