A most unusual call

OK – so it is my Thursday off of school.  I am sitting at the computer playing a game.  I am in my underwear (because I am the only one home and I was going to take a shower).  The phone rings.

Me: Hello

Caller: Hello is Jeffrey Redman there.

Me: Yes

Caller: This is Ben from the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Me:  (Crap I am in my underwear) Why hello (what am I worried about he can’t see me)

C: Not sure if you had a chance to look over the materials from our school or not….are you in Waterloo right now?

Me: No, we won’t get there until tonight.

C: I was hoping you were here already.

etc, etc.

OK – so we have taken Bangladesh off the table after the Amazing Race episode, BUT he IS calling us.


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